About Us - School Profile

Lalor North Primary School was established in 1971. It is situated in the North Western Victoria Region and is a member of the Whittlesea network of schools. Currently, the school has a population of about 345 students. Approximately 70% of our students come from homes where a language other than English is spoken. We are proud of the linguist, cultural and social diversity of our community and our learning programs build on this rich heritage.
The school offers a balanced and comprehensive curriculum designed to provide children with learning opportunities which develop skills and enable them to achieve personal success. The curriculum is based on the Ausvels.
Languages are a strength at Lalor North. Students learn through language and learn about language through our nationally recognized English/Greek or English/Macedonian programs, or through the Italian as a second language program. Our school attracts students from beyond our immediate area because of the features of these programs.
The key learning areas of the Ausvels are enriched by many supportive programs. These include: literacy intervention programs, English as an additional language (EAL) programs, physical education program, life education program, music, school band and choir, swimming and camp program, ICT and elearning, extension programs.
We believe that every child can learn. High expectations establish standards of learning, cooperation, discipline, problem solving and effective work habits. The students are encouraged to be active learners, to think critically and to develop curiosity. They are encouraged to take pride in their academic and personal achievements. Students are also encouraged to take on positions of leadership across their school life.
Lalor North has a commitment to life long learning and teachers work in teams continually improve their skills and ensure that all students achieve. We know that education is a partnership between families and teachers. Parents are always welcome and are encouraged to participate in school activities. Communication between school and home is a high priority and takes many forms.
Our facilities include climate controlled classrooms, a new hall and art space, a canteen, library and music room, along with networked computers and smartboards. The school grounds are large and provide a safe and secure space with 2 shaded playgrounds, basketball, bat tennis, cricket, football and soccer facilities.

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