Title Date Added Format Size
2015 Lalor North Primary School Peer Review 17/06/19 pdf 682.24kb DOWNLOAD
2016-2019 School Strategic Plan 17/06/19 pdf 628.50kb DOWNLOAD
ABC Reading Eggs 24/04/20 pdf 1,071.61kb DOWNLOAD
Anaphylaxis Policy 28/06/19 pdf 714.87kb DOWNLOAD
Antipodes Festival Feb 2020 15/04/20 pdf 813.18kb DOWNLOAD
Asthma Policy 28/06/19 pdf 737.65kb DOWNLOAD
Attendance Policy 28/06/19 pdf 709.45kb DOWNLOAD
Bullying & Prevention Policy 28/06/19 pdf 679.90kb DOWNLOAD
Camps & Excursions Policy 28/06/19 pdf 708.03kb DOWNLOAD
Canteen Menu 27/04/20 pdf 769.51kb DOWNLOAD
Child Protection Reporting Policy 28/06/19 pdf 600.80kb DOWNLOAD
Child Safe Code of Conduct 28/06/19 pdf 490.64kb DOWNLOAD
Child Safe Policy 28/06/19 pdf 670.25kb DOWNLOAD
Curriculum Framework 30/07/19 pdf 517.73kb DOWNLOAD
Digital Technologies Policy 28/06/19 pdf 637.42kb DOWNLOAD
Duty of Care Policy 28/06/19 pdf 479.79kb DOWNLOAD
Feeling Safe at Primary School 17/06/19 pdf 64.56kb DOWNLOAD
First Aid Policy 28/06/19 pdf 335.23kb DOWNLOAD
Foundation Handbook 2021 07/05/20 pdf 2,269.73kb DOWNLOAD
Greek Bilingual Program 30/01/20 pdf 118.46kb DOWNLOAD
Greek Festival February 2020 15/04/20 pdf 1,198.42kb DOWNLOAD
Greek Flyer English 29/01/20 pdf 706.64kb DOWNLOAD
Greek Flyer Greek 29/01/20 pdf 531.98kb DOWNLOAD
Health Care Needs Policy 28/06/19 pdf 675.51kb DOWNLOAD
Homework Policy 28/06/19 pdf 219.04kb DOWNLOAD
Immunisation Information 07/05/20 pdf 1,336.28kb DOWNLOAD
Inclusion & Diversity Policy 28/06/19 pdf 492.31kb DOWNLOAD
Macedonian Bilingual Program 30/01/20 pdf 120.76kb DOWNLOAD
Medication Policy 28/06/19 pdf 693.64kb DOWNLOAD
Parent Payment Policy 30/07/19 pdf 792.03kb DOWNLOAD
Parents Complaints Policy 28/06/19 pdf 416.77kb DOWNLOAD
Personal Mobile Devices 30/07/19 pdf 628.32kb DOWNLOAD
Personal Propery Policy 17/06/19 pdf 490.41kb DOWNLOAD
Personal Propery Policy 28/06/19 pdf 490.46kb DOWNLOAD
Photographing, Filming and Recording Policy 28/06/19 pdf 693.69kb DOWNLOAD
Prep ER List 15/11/19 pdf 613.43kb DOWNLOAD
Protecting Children from Abuse 17/06/19 pdf 130.88kb DOWNLOAD
Statement of Values & School Philosophy 28/06/19 pdf 497.97kb DOWNLOAD
Student Enrolment Form 11/05/20 pdf 2,052.48kb DOWNLOAD
Student Uniform & Dress Code 28/06/19 pdf 419.97kb DOWNLOAD
Student Wellbeing & Engagement Policy 28/06/19 pdf 904.29kb DOWNLOAD
Tips for Parents - Starting Prep 07/05/20 pdf 54.10kb DOWNLOAD
Uniform Order/Price List 17/06/19 pdf 89.47kb DOWNLOAD
Visitors Policy 28/06/19 pdf 643.38kb DOWNLOAD
Volunteers Policy 28/06/19 pdf 352.72kb DOWNLOAD
Year 1 ER 15/11/19 pdf 614.66kb DOWNLOAD
Year 2 ER 15/11/19 pdf 615.17kb DOWNLOAD
Year 3 ER 15/11/19 pdf 613.44kb DOWNLOAD
Year 4 ER 15/11/19 pdf 614.92kb DOWNLOAD
Year 5 ER 15/11/19 pdf 617.75kb DOWNLOAD
Year 6 ER 15/11/19 pdf 617.74kb DOWNLOAD