School Colour Fun Run

This event will be a "Colour Fun Run" which means students will have the option to be covered in safe, non-toxic coloured powder as they run. Students will be encouraged to wear an old white top on the day if possible. To see what this looks like feel free to view it on YouTube "School Fun Run Colour Day" This day promises to be a lot of fun for our students, and parents are welcome to come to school on the afternoon and watch students participating.

We're doing this fun run to promote healthy and active lifestyles, whilst fundraising to raise much needed money for artificial turf on our school oval.

How Does My Child Fundraise?
Firstly, go to and create a student profile page. Everything to do with your fundraising revolves around this page. Once you have completed this, read through your Sponsorship Form, which has instructions on how to raise money and order prizes.

For families without online access, fundraising can also be done the traditional way by collecting money and writing down the amounts in your student?s sponsorship booklets. All cash and sponsorship forms need to be returned to school and handed to classroom teachers once students have finished fundraising.

Students who raise just $10 will receive a prize for their effort. The more they raise, the better their reward ? don?t forget to check these out in the sponsorship form! We have educated students on the dangers of door knocking without adult supervision, and we encourage you to reiterate this at home. The best people to ask for sponsorship are people you know (e.g. friends, family, work colleagues and neighbours).