LINK Hose Services was formed in 2003 to fill a growing need for a progressive, dynamic hose repair service in a sophisticated and ever expanding market-place.

Since its inception, the owners of LINK Hose Services, Jeff Garnham, Scott Fraser and Frank Nespeca have endeavoured to set the standard in the area of TOTAL customer service in deeds and actions and not just in philosophy.

An important aspect of LINK Hose Services is WE ARE NOT A FRANCHISE! Everything about our business is LOCAL, from where our owners were born, to the decision making, to our customer focus.

LINK Hose Services is an experienced mobile hose service dedicated to a quality “Customer Service”. This service cannot be achieved without a group of experienced personnel who are totally committed to the team and the team’s goals.

LINK Hose Services and our personnel are professional, experienced, efficient, friendly and, most importantly- COMPETENT.

Currently, LINK Hose Services has in excess of 80 years combined experience in the hydraulic hose and fitting industry:

Frank Nespeca
Jeff Garnham          
Scott Fraser           

Domaneca   - Field Service Co-Ordinator

Shane         - Field Service Technician

Daniel        - Field Service Technician

Chris          - Field Service Technician

Dave         - Field Service Technician

Troy          - Field Service Technician

John          - Field Service Technician

Stock Control and Administration are as equally important to our team and our business success:

Larry           - Stock Controller

Domaneca    - Administration 

An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity, a pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity!