High Pressure Ball Valves
Hose Tails
Industrial Hose
Low Pressure Ball Valves
Pneumatic Tube and Fittings
Quick Connect Couplers
Stainless Steel Fittings

As we are a breakdown service our product range is diverse and specific to our 'mobile' requirements.

Similarly, we cannot fit this whole product range into the Service Vans, however, through our experience, and the fact that our Service Vans are restocked at the end of each day, we are able to stock each Service Van with a large spread of this range.

With our large fleet and the backup of the team, we are generally able to deliver parts onsite to our technicians, if required.

All our customers demand the highest quality and standards, and tha's exactly what we strive to achieve. LINK Hose Services has the very best suppliers of quality product available in Australia, and indeed the world, and has developed a sound business relationship with this team of quality suppliers.

The quality of GATES hose and fittings, along with CHILD, LARGA, LEGRIS and STAUFF (to name a few) ensures the highest standard of products are supplied to our customers.

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