Our Safety

"Safety is a prioity!"

We are always conscious of the safety for all personnel and the impact on our environment.

All of our technicians are inducted into 19 major worksites around the Newcastle and Hunter regions, and plenty of the smaller sites as well.

If we're not inducted into your workplace.......we can be!

Our Dedicated Team

                                       "What a team!"

Friendly, punctual, competent, and trained - That's LINK!

Our impressive team of technicians and administration staff are focussed on your problems.

If your looking for solutions, call us on the hotline................... (0427) 224 888

Our 'CHILD' Hose Fittings

'CHILD' The locally manufactured range!

The CHILD range of hose fittings was founded and manufactured in Sydney NSW, by Robert Child in 1948.

CHILD is still Australian owned by the Southcott Family Group, and all fittings are still manufactured at the Wingham Factory, near Taree.

Our 6,000psi Hose & Fitting Range

"GATES have made it like no other!"

The unique design of the GATES high pressure 'Global Spiral' flanged hose ends are a one solid piece of unleaded steel and NOT the brazed 2 or 3 piece construction of years gone by.

This range is designed for 6,000psi across all sizes.

Our Quick Release Coupling Range

"What a range, and in the vans!"

There is a multitude of quick release couplers available, from style, to thread configurations, to connecting and locking mechanisms.

Our Service Vans stock a wide range to suit your machinery, endeavouring to minimise your downtime.

Our Industrial Hose and Fitting Products

"We have access to the whole range!"

LINK Hose Services utilises it's knowledge and expertise in considering your industrial hose and fitting requirements.

We DO NOT supply you with something that is just 'good enough', we supply you the correct product for the job.

Our 'Hands On' Service

'We don't mind gettin dirty!'

Our mobile service is predominately a supply and fit service with our qualified hose technicians more than happy to do the 'dirty' work for you, in removing and replacing your blown hose assemblies on your machinery.

Our Stainless Steel Hydraulic Range

'We can get 'nearly' everything in stainless!'

We have access to a wide range of stainless steel adaptors, hose fittings, and hose assemblies for just about any application, including stainless steel convaluted hose assemblies and teflon convaluted hose assemblies.

Our Bulk Supply & Auditing System

"We can organise and keep you organised!"

Auditing and restocking of your bulk stocks of hose assemblies and adaptors, is available at your premises on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Our Hose Register & Order System

'We will keep you organised!'

We are able to initiate, audit, and monitor a LINK Hose Services 'Hose Register' for all types of machinery, plant and equipment, that will enable quick identification, ordering and supply of any hose assembly or adaptor.

Our After Hours Service

'We dont mind gettin out of bed!'

Our mobile service operators are rostered to provide a personal after hours service 24 hours / 7 days a week. Our customers still only need to make one phone call for service after hours and this will be answered by the technician that will be attending the call.

Our Mobile Service

"We are experienced like no other!"

We understand ‘downtime’, and respond to your urgencies with due haste, consideration, diligence and safety.

Unfortunately, as a dedicated 'mobile service' only, we do not offer an 'over the counter' service.  

An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity, a pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity!